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Testimonials from Past Students, Clients, Listening Corps Members, and Event Participants
"Using Kai's Breakthrough Listening as professional development has been great for my team and me -- it's something that's impactful across all of our functions."

"I’ve discovered that I’m rarely doing one thing at a time and therefore, nothing is getting my full attention. When I’m watching television, I’m also working a crossword puzzle. When I’m talking on the telephone, I’m also scanning an article, checking my email, Googling something, or playing Words With Friends. I honestly didn’t realize that I live one big distraction."
"I have been trying to be more conscientious during meetings."

"It was interesting to me to realize how many distractions we have without noticing when we are trying to listen."

"I take a lot of notes in meetings, but I am trying to view how the person I am listening to perceives me in the process."

"Great class Kai, you do cover lots of content in a short time. Thanks for being so organized."

"This is valuable, and I expect to use the content at a meeting tonight."

"I approached the meeting with the belief that the other participants had goals that were just as important as mine and ideas that were just as good as mine, and I tried to use my own skills to develop and promote their ideas and perspectives rather than my own.

Listening here provides the opportunity to find the best ideas and come to the best decisions, even if they’re not the ones I would have supported from the outset."
About Kai
Kai Degner's range of experience lets his training, speaking, and consulting be relevant and practical for leaders and teams in government, business, and community advocacy.
  •   Facilitator and Moderator of over 300 events, conferences, meetings, and discussions
  •  8 Yrs Mayor / Council Member in Harrisonburg, Virginia - the capital of the Shenandoah Valley
  •  Founder, The Listening Corps
  •  Creator, The Listening Café
  •  Author, The Breakthrough Listening Guide 
  •  7 Yrs Real Estate Agent
  •  4 Yrs Nonprofit Executive Director and 8 Yrs of Board Memberships
  •  8 Yrs on Local and State Governmental Committees
  •  2016 Candidate for Congress in Virginia's 6th Congressional District
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(540) 442 - 031six